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Solo Vino Imports wine wholesale distribution has long been renowned for its representation of the vibrant colors, rich tastes, and diverse flavors of international and domestic wines.
As a globally-oriented international wine distributor, our overarching mission encompasses the sourcing, selection, and distribution of a diverse array of premium wines from renowned wine-producing regions worldwide, aimed at catering to the discerning tastes of consumers across a multitude of cultures and continents, thereby facilitating the appreciation and enjoyment of the rich tapestry of global viticulture.

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Our Wine Sourcing Process

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Vineyard Selection


Meticulous process of choosing vineyards based on terroir, climate, and grape quality.

Grape Harvesting


Maturation of wine in various vessels such as barrels or tanks to develop complexity and flavor.



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South Africa

Precise bottling process, often done under sterile conditions to preserve wine quality.

Quality Control


Continuous monitoring and tasting to maintain high standards throughout the winemaking process.



Efficient distribution channels to ensure wines reach consumers in optimal condition, preserving their quality and integrity.

Our Premium Wine Selection

Family Owned and Operated

Northern Ohio

Mimma Bonderer, founder and CEO of Mondo Italiano, was born and raised in Monti on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Her love for Italian cuisine was cultivated when Mimma began working for her father, Giovianni, in 1985.

Giovianni’s Sardinian-based grocery and wine wholesale distribution business has long showcased the best of the colors, tastes and flavors of Italian food and wine.

Mimma Bonderer


Nico Bonderer

Wholesale Wine Manager

Alex Bonderer

Wholesale Food Manager

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Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky Counties

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